Who We Are?

KR Multimedia is the leading Korean pop retail store serving the people of Vancouver and Burnaby. Established in 2008, we have made it our mission to develop a piece of Kpop heaven in the heart of British Columbia where Vancouver and Burnaby Kpop fans can easily source all of their favourite Kpop music CD’s, concert DVDs, and more.

KR Multimedia’s original purpose was the selling of Korean dramas. Over time; to meet market demand, our focus shifted to Kpop, an increasingly popular genre of music. Today, KR Multimedia bears the distinction of being the most professional Kpop store serving the people of Vancouver and Burnaby. In addition to selling Kpop music, DVD’s, and other items, we are also a reliable place where our customers can purchase authentic Kpop merchandise.

Among the Kpop items we stock in our Burnaby store include:

  • Music CD’s
  • Concert DVD’s
  • Idol posters
  • Concert light sticks
  • Merchandise
  • Clothing

The passionate staff at KR Multimedia possess expert knowledge of the Kpop genre and are skilled at assisting our Vancouver and Burnaby customers with finding the Korean music items they are seeking. 

What We do?

KR Multimedia has invested our time and resources into accumulating a vast stock of some of the most popular and in demand Kpop items to meet the musical tastes of our Vancouver and Burnaby client base. We endeavour to maintain a diverse selection of Korean pop music and DVD’s including the most recent releases and rare and unusual items which are difficult to source.

To assist our Vancouver and Burnaby customers with finding the specific Kpop item they are seeking, our pleasant staff are always willing to answer questions and to conduct searches to track down the specific Kpop item they are searching for. 

But our commitment to excellent customer service does not only extend to those who can visit our physical store location in Burnaby. We also welcome online inquiries and offer rapid response times to each question we receive.

KR Multimedia is dedicated to providing our Vancouver and Burnaby customers with:

  • An excellent, comprehensive selection of the most popular and in demand Kpop items including music, DVD’s, memorabilia, merchandise, clothing, and more
  • Prompt response times to each phone or email inquiry
  • Pleasant, knowledgeable staff with the skills to help our customers source rare and unusual Kpop items
  • Quick shipping 
  • Easy access to the newest Kpop releases

For the true Kpop fan, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to KR Multimedia, Vancouver and Burnaby’s professional Kpop music and merchandise store. To learn more about our products and services, stop by our Burnaby location or contact us now at 604-677-2371 or info@krmkpop.com.